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Sct. Olivia School in Uganda was started in 1996 by a group of local residents who wanted to improve the educational possibilities  in the area and also wanted to be part of the development for the local community.
The school is in a rural area in the western part of Uganda.
The area is scarsly populated. A major part of the population is living on their own land and its products. Money is seldom used in larger exchanges as noone has any. The houses are without electricity or water and established roads are few. Some children has op to 10 kilometers to school which they have to walk on rough paths. Even though it is regarded as far being only five or six years old they highly appreciate the possibility for education.
In May 2013 Sct. Olivia School started a boarding school section by opening the first of two hostels.
The teaching is offered for preschoolchildren up to 7th grade. School teachers are Seminary educated and the students are examned by public authorities. Since 2004 the Sct. Olivia School has put 7th grade graduates forward to Secondary schools in the area.
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